Located in the heart of the wildest Maremma, La Mozza covers ​​36 hectares, of which 16 are vineyards. Located entirely in the municipality of Magliano in Toscana, an almost uncontaminated area of ​​wild beauty, surrounded by pastures, arable land and forests, where  many wild animals still roam. 

The uniqueness of this territory and its wines as well as the D.O.C.G. of Morellino di Scansano are your  guarantee of excellence constantly undertaken by the winery.

An area with a dry climate and intense sunlight which allows the grapes to ripen perfectly starting in early morning, bathing in the sun until sunset. The presence of constant breezes and the lack of rain guarantee incredible concentration of fruit. 

This place and climate is also perfect for international varieties such as Syrah, Alicante and Carignano, as well as native grapes such as Mammolo and Ciliegiolo. Very special results are obvious for Sangiovese, whose acidic edge changes into an unparalleled intensity of fruit and color.



All our vineyards were planted with the idea of maximum quality and  optimum production.  Plant densities sometimes high, with vineyard practices that give ‘poor’ harvests in terms of quantity but incredibly ‘rich’ in quality, and sometimes sparse in the presence of old vines, preserved for their characteristics of uniqueness, finesse and elegance that only these types of plants can give.


The winery evaluates every phase of production with the full awareness and respect of its impact on our surrounding environment. There are several projects currently in place aimed at creating products that can be directly linked to health and environmental issues. We are dedicated to the continuous preservation of our environmental wealth through careful vineyard management and cellar practices that respect the local biodiversity as well as the health of the final consumer.

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